365:365 5/1

Exactly one year ago today, on a muddy, wet soccer tournament weekend (just like this one), I brought Lola into our home and into our lives.
She has pretty much ruled both ever since.
I knew our lives were going to change by getting a puppy.
And they did, for all of us.
She is my constant companion and faithful friend.
She is Emma's nightime snuggle buddy on nights when she sneaks her out of her crate.
She is Evan's daily sock stealer.
She is Bart's dingbat.
She is a ninja with Ben, pouncing him several times a day.
She irritates Buddy constantly, but she has brought him back from the brink of decline. He knows that where Lola is, there are treats and pets and attention. He even goes to the dog park with us now.
She is stubborn.
She is a champion ball chaser.
She is as curious as a toddler, and gets into things just like one.
She is fierce and will go after other dogs at the park.
She is spotty and her nose is turning brown.
She is my daily laughter.
I'm so glad she's mine.

268:365 1/24

Happy Birthday Lola! We love love love you!

267:365 1/23

trying to free herself from Evan's clutches

266:365 1/22

watching the squirrel parade

265:365 1/21


264:365 1/20

Loving with Evan

263:365 1/19

Yes, I DO know I'm beautiful!